I was born in South Africa 1965. I lived in London, England from 1970-1981. Living in Europe I was fortunate enough to be exposed to great art.
All forms of visual art excited me from a very young age. I have been keenly observing and drawing for as long as I can remember.
At the age of fifteen I went to a Salvador Dali retrospective at the Tate Gallery and my perception of art changed when I realized that imagination
can distort reality and create something completely new. I studied Fine Arts at SDSU in the early 1980’s where my emphasis was painting and traditional
printmaking techniques including lithography and intaglio.

I am drawn to narrative images that pose questions for the viewer. I am fascinated by invented spaces and the stories that can evolve from them. I really strive to infuse mood and atmosphere into each piece.

Twenty years ago I became interested in 3D computer animation. I find the technology extremely exciting and came to understand that it is a viable medium for my art.
I now use software designed for animation as my primary vehicle for creating images. Each element within the scenes is created in 3D and can be viewed from all angles onscreen.
The next part of the process is texturing and lighting. Working with the computer I always try to maintain a painterly approach to my work. The only difference is that there are no brushes to clean when I’m done.

Juried shows

.2006 Art of Digital San Diego CA
.2006 All media Art Show Irvine CA
.2006-2016 Festival of Arts Laguna Beach CA
.Gallery exhibits
.2006 Gallery 104 San Clemente CA
.2010 Pure Laguna Beach San Clemente CA
.2011 Townley Gallery Laguna Beach CA
.2011 JGK Gallery, Rochester NY
.2011 Digital Juror for “A Night of a Thousand Angels” Whelan Galleries Laguna Beach CA
.JGK Galleries proudly presents the work of Murray Kruger

Mr. Kruger received his formal training in painting and printmaking at Christ’s College, London, England. He later developed an interest in digital art and pursued further studies at San Diego State and La Jolla Academy of Advertising Arts. His images fuse classically inspired figure studies with futuristic environments; the counterpoint of visuals and technique commences a challenging inquiry into the narrative of the subject as well as the physical nature of art.

Mr. Kruger has shown his work during the Festival of the Arts in Laguna Beach, California; he has been honored by the Festival in the purchase of his work for its permanent collection. Additionally, he has exhibited at ART OF DIGITAL at the Lyceum Theatre in San Diego, California, and the ALL MEDIA ART SHOW at the Irvine Fine Arts Center in Irvine, California. He is among the juried artists of Laguna Art Group.